she persisted by mariel


Final Post

Hi! My name is Mariel, I’m 22, and I’m a Sports Management student at the University of Florida.


I started this blog in July 2019 to share my story and inspire and motivate others.


I write so that people going through similar struggles {disability, chronic illness, and just everyday circumstances} won’t feel so alone, and so that others who don’t face these battles will gain a little understanding.


I’m passionate about sports and strive to have a career in the industry, so I’ve begun to incorporate some of my ideas for the future of sports and other work that I’ve done and have been a part of.

Follow along to read about the struggles that I face, victories that I have, my thoughts on life, new adventures that I go on, and so much more.


If you don't know my whole story or would like to learn more, please click "my story" below. Thanks for reading and I hope this blog reaches you when you need it!