Continuing Into The Unknown

I’ve been very hesitant to post something because I feel like maybe my voice doesn’t need to be heard right now, like I should create space for others to speak, but it’s been too long since I’ve updated my blog so I thought I’d hop on and just give a quick update and some words of encouragement.

It’s so hard to know what the right thing to do is in this time, about coronavirus and about the racial injustice that is so prevalent right now.

Regarding COVID-19, I’ve struggled with where to draw the lines in my life to prevent the spread and keep myself and others healthy… where I should live, if I should eat out or go to the store, if I should see friends and family.

I don’t want to fear coronavirus, but I want to take it seriously. Because I am immunocompromised, I am more susceptible to contracting the virus, and if I did it would be devastating and probably deadly.

However, I could get sick any day from any disease, so I try to live my life without fear of this, being cautious of my health and listening to my body, but not letting the fear stop me from engaging with the world, so that’s how I’ve tried to view coronavirus.

But even though I don’t want to fear, I still do.

I’m nervous being around my mom because she works in the hospital where her unit has seen cases of COVID-19. I’m hesitant to see my friends because I don’t know who they’ve been exposed to. I try to only go out when I have to, and when I do, I feel so exposed and like contracting coronavirus is inevitable.

But this quarantine and free time have also provided a lot of good.

I’m taking summer classes so that’s keeping me busy and helping me work towards my goal of graduating in Fall 2021. I’ve spent lots of time working with Lassie, taking her for walks, and teaching her new tasks. I’ve been consistently working out and have picked up boxing and yoga; boxing I love for the cardio and core strength it gives me, yoga I love for the deep stretch I get to release my oh-so-sore muscles. I’ve gotten to do lots of art projects and have filled my room with pretty paintings.

My new favorite hobby that I’ve picked up since returning to Atlanta is biking!

I’ve been renting an adaptive hand bike, which is an amazing opportunity since it’s such an expensive piece of equipment and hard to come by. The bike is a lot harder than I expected, but I’ve made some adjustments and gotten more used to it, so I’ve been able to enjoy it and get a really good workout!

It’s hardest on hills, and in Georgia, where we have some pretty intense and strenuous inclines, it’s difficult to find relatively flat parks. We’ve taken it to the Silver Comet Trail a couple of times, which was built on an old railroad track, so it’s pretty flat and a beautiful ride! I’ve built up a lot of strength and stamina and the other day rode for 10 miles! I’m hoping to get my own one day that I can take to Gainesville where it’s much less hilly and will hopefully be able to ride completely independently!

This summer, I was also hired by the US Open to work in guest services when the tennis tournament begins in August. Unfortunately, the tournament just announced that it will continue without fans, so I have lost my job. I’m so disappointed, it was going to be a great opportunity to gain experience, learn more about the field, and build my resume, but I think it’s for the best. I was going to be working 12+ hour shifts every single day of the tournament for three weeks, while in school, and I’m not sure if my body could have handled that.

I’m nervous that there won’t be many opportunities to get involved in sports in the fall, especially since we don’t know if there will be college sports, but I’m still using this time to develop my skills and I’m confident that I will be able to gain experience and get closer to my career goals in the fall.

Moving onto the racial injustice of this world…

This is such a touchy subject and I don’t want to say the wrong thing, so I’ve stayed relatively silent. I know that some say being silent is just as bad as the injustice itself, and I understand that, but like with the COVID situation, it just feels like there’s no right thing to do.

It’s ridiculous that there is still so much racial injustice in this country, that some see African Americans as less than and treat them cruelly. But as terrible as it is that this hate has continued, I know that this world is full of sin and animosity that will exist until Jesus comes back.

But I do believe change can be made and I think that as bad as what’s happening is, it’s so good that we’re focusing on this and being made more aware of the trials that African Americans face daily, and not just by what we see in movies.

I stand with our Black citizens and see you as equal. I am so sorry that you face these inhumane trials and so sorry that it’s taken so long for the White community to join you in protest. I pray that change will happen, and I will work to facilitate that change. Black lives really do matter and are so important.

There is so much bad in this world, but so much good. We should work to focus on the good, and strive to change the bad. Things are so unknown right now, but we have to know that whatever our future looks like it will be for good. We will adjust, we will adapt, and we will find the joy. We must see the light in this world and love our neighbors, all of our neighbors.

I hope that I have provided you with insight and encouragement.

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